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 Welcome to railZone - Checking your PNR status, Ticket availibility, Train timings.....has just become as easy as a click on your mobile! Just send an SMS now to get any information on Indian Railways.


Here are some simple to use SMS commands:

>> Main Menu
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PNR - PNR Status
TL - Train List
TA - Ticket Availability
e.g sms PNR to get PNR status
Main menu
sms TRAIN to 5676747
  You will get this reply
>> Checking your PNR status
  sms PNR <your PNR number> to 5676747
eg. PNR 1234567891

*You can also check your PNR status by simply sending the PNR number to 5676747
e.g 12345678
PNR 12345678
PNR No. 1234567891
1. RAC 33
2. Confirmed AS2 34
2952 Mumbai Rajdhani
New Delhi - Kota
17 Aug
    You will get this message in reply

>> Checking for Trains running between two stations
  sms TL < starting city > < ending city > to 5676747
eg. TL Delhi Mumbai

*You can also check trains list by sending the station name or station code.
sms TL < starting station > < ending station > to 5676747

*Name of the city must be a single word without spaces:
e.g Ambala Cantt should be written as AmbalaCantt
TL Delhi Mumbai
16 trains
1058 ASR DR Express 2138 Punjab Mail
2432 Trivndrm Rjdhni 2472 Swaraj Express 2472T Swaraj Express
    You will get this message in reply

>> Checking for Ticket Availablity
  sms TA <train number > <starting city> <ending city> <journey date > to 5676747
eg. TA 2432 delhi mumbai 17Aug
TA 2432 delhi mumbai 17 Aug
TA 2432 delhi mumbai 17 Aug
    You will get this message in reply
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